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ABC Securities Private Limited started its operations on 10th Shrawan, 2054 B.S. (25th July 1997) and it was among the first 25 firms that were given Brokerage License from Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd. With an ownership change, the name of the company was renamed to ABC Securities Pvt. Ltd. from Khandelwal Stock Broking Co. Pvt. Ltd. on 10th Jestha, 2066 B.S. (24th May 2009). ABC Securities Pvt. Ltd. provides Stock Brokerage Services, Clearing Services & Depository Participant Services which have been licensed by Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON), Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd. (NEPSE) and CDS & Clearing Ltd (CDSCL). The firm was previously owned and managed by Late Mr. Sajjan Kumar Agrawal who laid the foundation for ethics and attitude of continuous improvements in the organization. Currently, the firm is owned privately by Mr. Nitesh Kumar Agrawal and Mr. Yogesh Kumar Agrawal. Mr. Nitesh Kumar Agrawal is managing the overall operations of the company as the Executive Chairman and Mr. Yogesh Kumar Agrawal is managing the operations of the Remote Work Station (RWS) located in the eastern city of Nepal, Dharan.

With the aim of providing access to capital markets to citizens outside Kathmandu Valley, we became the first brokerage firm to provide brokerage services in the eastern city of Nepal, Dharan, from the 20th Mangsir, 2070 B.S. (5th of December, 2013). This initiative helped the investors of Dharan and other adjoining cities to have direct access to Nepalese capital markets and an avenue for investing. We have been successful in being listed as one of the top brokers in terms of volumes among all the RWS present in Nepal.

From the Open Out Cry System, since the inception of NEPSE, to the semi-automated trading system NEPSECTS and finally to NEPSE Online Trading System (NOTS), ABC Securities has been an active part of the transformation of the Capital Markets in Nepal. All this time, we have been able to work closely with the exchange in providing feedback for the new software being introduced and we have also upgraded our IT Infrastructure to match the needs of the ever changing industry.

We have been providing brokerage services for the past two decades with high ethical standards and unmatched customer service. We believe that trust is the defining attribute to a successful organization which is even more important in the capital markets. We believe that is it because of this attribute with regards to trading and settlement, we have been able to maintain our trading volumes and been listed among the top 10 brokerage firms in Nepal for the past several years.

Finally, we have regular trainings for our Human Resource to keep them updated with the current practices and improve their skills. We have also organized and/or supported various investor training sessions.


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Executive Chairman – Mr. Nitesh Kumar Agrawal

Mr. Nitesh Kumar Agrawal holds the majority stakes in ABC Securities Pvt. Ltd. and is the Authorized Representative for the company. Mr. Agrawal hold a MBA Finance Degree and has a work experience more than 13 years in the Capital Markets. During this time, Mr. Agrawal has seen and actively been part of every development of the Nepalese capital markets from Open Cry to today’s Online Trade Management System. Mr. Agrawal presence in the team boast the positive energy to all team members.


Chief Operating Officer – Mr. Kapil Agrawal

Mr. Kapil Agrawal, Chief Operating Officer has been working in ABC Securities Pvt. Ltd. since 2014. Mr. Agrawal brings experience of more than 8 year of banking to ABC. Mr. Agrawal is a dynamic young leader who is dedicated towards his duties and responsibilities.

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RWS Head – Mr. Yogesh Kumar Agrawal

Mr. Yogesh Kumar Agrawal is Head of Remote Work Station (RWS) at Dharan. ABC is running RWS since 2013 in Dharan and since inception Mr. Agrawal is heading the RWS. Mr. Agrawal has an experience of more than 2 decades in Capital Markets. Mr. Agrawal can be credited for introducing capital market services in the eastern hilly town of Dharan.


Deputy Manager – Mr. Purushottam Parajuli

Mr. Purushottam Parajuli has been associated with ABC Securities Pvt. Ltd. from the time of inception. Mr. Parajuli looks after overall management of ABC and is also the Compliance Officer of ABC.


We have a team of 25 customer focused, self motivated and knowledgeable employees among which 5 of them are employeed at our RWS in Dharan.



Brokerage Service

We provide brokerage services for equities, mutual fund units & corporate bonds listed at Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd. An investor can choose to trade either Offline (by placing order at our trading floor by filling out a Buy/Sell Order Form, over the phone, or through email) or Online (place orders directly into the trading platform).

In order for an individual/institution to invest in the stock market through us, one has to submit a duly filled KYC Form along with the necessary documents. Once the duly filled KYC form is submitted and approved, we will create a Trading Account for the individual/institution in NEPSE Online Trading System (NOTS) after which the investor can start placing orders either offline or online.

Depository Service

We are a licensed Depository Participant of CDS & Cleaing Ltd. We provide the following depository services :

   -   Open DEMAT Accounts
   -   Dematerialization of Physical Certificates
   -   Rematerialization to Physical Certificates
   -   Maintain record of securities in electronic form
   -   Settlement of trades by transferring/receiving securities to and from BO Accounts.
   -   Settlement of off-market trades that is executed between BOs outside NEPSE.
   -   Provide electronic credit of securities allotted by issuers during IPOs & FPOs.
   -   Deposit non-financial corporate benefits (Stock Dividends, Right Shares etc.) issued by issuers.
   -   Facilitate pledging of dematerialized securities.

Fees & Commision

Equity Trading

Stock Broker Commission for Per Transaction

  •   0.40% or minimum Rs. 10 For below Rs. 50,000
      0.37% for above RS. 50,000 upto RS. 500,000
      0.34% for above RS. 500,000 upto RS. 2,000,000
      0.30% for above RS. 2,000,000 upto RS. 10,000,000
      0.27% for above RS. 10,000,000

Sebon Commission 0.015% of Transaction Amount

Share Transfer Cost (DP Amount) Rs. 25 per Company per day

Mutual Fund Trading

Stock Broker Commission for Per Transaction

  •   0.15% or minimum Rs. 10 for below Rs. 500,000
      0.12% for above Rs. 500,000 upto Rs. 5,000,000
      0.10% for above Rs. 5,000,000

Sebon Commission 0.0075% of Transaction Amount

Share Transfer Cost (DP Amount) Rs. 25 per Company per day

Non Convertible Bond Trading

Stock Broker Commission for Per Transaction

  •   0.10% or minimum Rs. 10 for below Rs. 500,000
      0.05% for above Rs. 500,000 upto Rs. 5,000,000
      0.02% for above Rs. 5,000,000

Sebon Commission 0.0075% of Transaction Amount

Share Transfer Cost (DP Amount) Rs. 25 per Company per day

Depository Services

  •   Demat Account Opening Fees Rs. 50
      Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) Rs. 100 Per Annum
      Pledge Charge Rs. 50 per company
      Mero Share Registration (Demat Onlne) Rs. 50 Per Annum
      Dematerialization of Share –FOC

Contact Us

Main Office

Indrachowk, Kathmandu, Nepal

+977-1-5905490, 5905491, 5905499, 5905587, 5905607
    Trading Telephone Line Direct : +977-1-5905586



RWS Office

Prithivi Path, Dharan, Nepal

    Trading Telephone Line Direct : +977-25-532783